Become a Vendor


The Cannafam


Hold up! So you’d like to become a vendor? Cool. We’d love to have you join us, but we’ve gotta make you jump through a few hoops first!

Must haves:
Email address
PayPal Account
Vacuum Sealer

We Provide:
Logo Branding *do not use your own*
All marketing and promotion *we’re damn good at it*

How it Works:
The purchase process: Once an online purchase is made, payment plus shipping will be automatically sent to your PayPal, less our commission.

Your Vendor Account includes options such as Managing your Inventory, Up-selling Options, Check-out to your Paypal and more. It’s your own little store! Once approved, you can manage features with your own login. Not techy? No problem, We’ve got your back.

Shipment Costs: Shipping Costs are Built-in to the System and automatically added to your items. These are the responsibility of the consumer. In other words – it’s a no-brainer for you.

Goddess Approval: The purchase process includes “prompting” and follow up via email to encourage Reviews. Once you achieve ten, 5-Star Reviews for any item, you obtain “Goddess Approval”. Goddess Approval gives you preferred placement on the site. When you reach twenty, 5-Star Reviews, you’ll be included in our Featured Listings, and in our Monthly Email Newsletter. Fifty, 5 Star reviews earn you a Promoted Post on Facebook. See where this is going?

Managing Your Packaging:
All products must be vacuum sealed for delivery. Why? This ensures freshness as well as takes care of any odor concerns. Vacuum sealed products are easily frozen, thawed and especially yummy when microwaved for 8-10 seconds.

FYI: Goddess Approval Rating Requires: a label including ingredients and THC content. You may include your vendor name and link to your online shop at Seven Wonders.

Managing Your Shipping

Nova Scotia Only. All products must be shipped via Express Post with guaranteed 2-3 day delivery. Approx costs for $2lb package are $22-25. No worries, you were paid for this in advance.

You with us so far? Awesome. Let’s get this party started. 
1. Mail: Seven Wonders a portion sample of your product, as if you were mailing it to a client.
2. Email: a) Product Description including THC content, preparation method and ingredients. b) A good Quality Photo on a white background. c) Your Consignment Price to

You’ve got this. We can’t wait to hear from you!