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  • Goddess Approval Branding
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  • Twenty, 5-Star Reviews your product will be included in our Featured Listings, and in our Monthly Email Newsletter.
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Accurate dosing is the recipe for success!

Goddess Approval ensures Products are tested for:

  • THC Content
  • Quality and Freshness
  • Accurate Shipping Methods Are Used

How do we measure THC: Seven Wonders has purchased tCheck technology. Their calculator allows us to customize our infused oil, butter, or alcohol tincture to any recipe. The tCheck provides the same margin of error as those used in lab and clinics. You can be confident you are dosing accurately with Goddess Approved products.

How do we measure Quality and Freshness? At Seven Wonders, we sample all products, ourselves. *grins* But don’t just take our word for it, to obtain final Goddess Approval, Vendors must receive five Seven Wonder, 5 Star Reviews from consumers.

Approving Shipping: Each vendor must send Seven Wonders a sample of their product as though they were mailing it directly to the client.

We look for:

  1. Vacuum sealing with all edible products.
  2. Labeling including THC content (confirmed by Seven Wonders), ingredients
  3. Priority Express: All parcels must be sent 2-3 day Priority Express

Goddess Approval is Seven Wonders’ Commitment to Quality.